Project Management

At Leapfrog Digital we have hands on experience of making things happen.  

The range of tasks we have undertaken in the past have been fairly broad.  They often have a digital aspect but not always.  Where we add value is providing high quality resource that can work alongside your existing team to get the job done.  We are always happy to have a no commitment conversation about your project to see how we can help you get to where you need to be.

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Mobile Development

Leapfrog has proven experience developing Mobile Applications for Apple and Android devices.

We have delivered a number of successful projects for clients including both business Apps and Games.

The starting point is to explore exactly what your objectives are – the most successful projects are those that are properly considered and designed in advance.  That starts with a no obligation conversation.

Business Development

Our approach to Business Development is relationship based.  

We’ll help you work out what your long term objectives are, put in place a programme to achieve those aims and help you turn them into a reality.  That means we won’t just help you make a sale, but we’ll help you put in place the process to grow your business over the longer term.

As well as finding new sales opportunities we can help you negotiate contracts and bring the new customer on board successfully.

Let’s talk.

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