Developer: Leapfrog Digital
Price: Free+
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

BizBox - The mobile PDF reporting tool

BizBox has been created to provide a simple but effective way of creating PDF reports whilst on the go.

BixBox is as flexible as you need it to be to meet your needs.

Starting with some simple Templates you can quickly create your own, adding pre-designed sections or making new ones of your own.  You can include simple headings and text as well signatures, sketches, contact details and even photos.

Once you have the Templates that you need it’s a simple task to share them with your team members, ensuring you all capture the same data in the same way.

Then, out in the field on site visits, sales calls, at exhibitions or anywhere else that meets your needs, you can use that Template to quickly fill in the details you need and when you are ready BizBox will convert it to a PDF and attach it to an email.  You can then send it to your customer and colleagues back in the office with no need for further paperwork after the event.

BizBox is free to download and try up to 20 PDFs.  When not give it a go now.  Available in the App Store and Google Play

BizBox is a trading name of Leapfrog Digital Ltd